Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Evaluating Myself or Evalutating "Get Thee to a Nunnery"

The end is in sight and it is time to evaluate my progress, or the progress of my blog, over the course of the semester.

Posts: In total I have published 35 posts as of right now. The content has been mixed(see my post on "Shakespeare's Influence on Rush" and my analysis on "Kozintsev and Hamlet"), but has mostly focused on the premise of my blog, "Shakespeare's Influence on Pop Music." The format of my posts has also been mixed. However, I seek to make each post aesthetically pleasing to my readers. I have done this by adding video clips and images that pertain to the specific subjects I am blogging about with each post.

Research: As I have already mentioned, the thematic focus of my blog is "Shakespeare's Influence on Pop Music." My research has been cohesive to my thesis in that I have tried to relate everything I have done back to Shakespeare's influence on pop music. My sources have been adequately referenced in their corresponding blog posts as well as in a sources page. The sources page makes it easier for those viewing my blog to see where I have taken my research.

Personal & Social: Within my blog, I have made my personal tastes and interests apparent. For those of you who may not know me very well, it is obvious from the images posted on my blog and the subject titles of my posts that I am interested in music and Shakespeare's influence on modern music. I have documented my findings by posting frequently and informing my reader's how and where I have received my information. During the course of the semester, I have made it a priority to actively engage in commenting on fellow classmates blogs. While my comments have usually been small encouraging notes to individuals, I feel that the interactive aspect of my blogging has been very beneficial to me and to others.

Design: I feel that the design of my blog is appropriate to its theme in that it is focused on Shakespeare and music. For instance, on my main page, the picture underneath my blog name refers specifically to Shakespeare and music. This makes it easy for those looking at my blog for the first time to know what the focus of it is. My side content is subtle and does not take away from the overall theme of the blog. i think all of the widgets included on my side bars are relevant and helpful to my viewers.