Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Simpsons and Julius Caesar

Ever since I can remember, the Simpsons has been my favorite show. I don't know what it is, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. The humor is very witty and the cultural references are just as clever. With this being said, I thought I would do a small casting of Julius Caesar using some of my favorite Simpsons characters. Here is what I came up with:

Mr Burns as Julius Caesar: As I was reading the play, I saw many similarities to Mr. Burns and Caesar. First off, they both are very powerful beings. Like Julius Caesar and his power over Rome, Mr. Burns is the owner of the local power plant which makes him a very powerful person. He has power over his employees and he also is a very powerful public figure. Also, like Caesar, Burns is both loved and hated within the community.

Mr. Smithers as Mark Anthony: In Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony is one of Caesar's most loyal followers. Like Mark Anthony, Mr. Smithers is one of the most loyal followers of Mr. Burns. In Smithers's eyes, Mr. Burns can do no wrong. Mr. Smithers is ready to act upon what ever Mr. Burns tells him to do and is also willing to put his life on the line for his beloved boss' life or whatever his boss stands for.

Homer Simpson as Marcus Brutus: At the start of Julius Caesar, Brutus is a very loyal follower of the Roman Emperor. He only decides to wrong Caesar after having been persuaded to do so by Caius Cassius. I feel like Homer has a very similar personality to Brutus's. Homer is a very loyal friend and associate. He is willing to go to bat for anyone at anytime in any place. However, he is easily turned away from righteous causes due to outside influences.

Bart Simpson as Caius Cassius: Cassius is a conniving person. It is he who persuades Brutus into participating in the Caesar's murder. Like Cassius, Bart Simpson is a very mischievous little boy. He is known for tricking others into believing what he believes. Also, one of his favorite past times is tricking others into doing bad things.

Marge Simpson as Portia, Brutus's wife: In the play, Portia is a very concerned wife. She wants her husband Brutus to be safe and not do anything that is going to put his life in jeopardy. Like Portia, Marge is a very loving wife. She is always supportive of her husband and does what she can to help him succeed. She expresses her love for him frequently in hopes that her love will help him make correct decisions.