Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Cosby Show Gets Shakespearean

So I am taking a break from my analysis of Shakespearean references in pop music (you can find my three previous posts herehere and here). 

With this post, I wanted to explore the idea of a Shakespearean battle of the bands, which I blogged about in an earlier post entitled "Thinking Aloud." The idea has been somewhat revised since then, so listen up. 

What I want to do now is get two bands to record songs using parts of Mark Anthony and Brutus' speeches from Act 3 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar.  After these two bands record their songs, I want to post them on Facebook so that we can have a little competition between the songs.  The judging will be done by the number of likes each song gets.  By doing this, the bands will get some exposure on Facebook, as well as some "street cred" with the Shakespearean crowd. 

Now this may seem like an easy task, but I need some help finding a band that would be willing to participate!  Liana has found a band that seems to be interested, so hopefully that works out, but we need to find a second band!  So now, everyone who knows someone who is in a band, contact them and ask if they would be willing to participate.  It should be really cool.

Here is a model, taken from the Cosby show, that is similar to what I want to do.  Here, Theo and his pal devise a rap based on Julius Caesar.  Their song is cool because they explain the story of Julius Caesar, but what I am looking for is a song that has lyrics directly from Brutus and Mark Anthony's speech.  However, check this video out as a reference point.